MRC Techniek Rotterdam B.V. (MRC) is a machine works and repair workshop with extensive knowledge of gears, gearboxes, turbine parts, shafts, crankshafts, etc. Ever since MRC’s founding in 1936, the combination of expert knowledge and an effective approach has led to quality products and strong service.


MAS-Technics is a service company who is specilized in On-site Machining and Alignment. The Mas engineers have an extensive knowlegde of Machining , Alignment and Services. We offer maritime and industrial services. Quality, felxibility and 24/7 support are the key characteristics of this dynamic company.

Machinefabriek Amersfoort B.V.

Since the establishment in 1932 of Machinefabriek Amersfoort B.V. it has a proud tradition in machining operations, due to our continuous technical development and steady growth Machinefabriek Amersfoort B.V. became one of the major European subcontractors in heavy machining operations.