Based on market demands from beginning to end

Driven by, and compliant with, the market demands, this new approach is an advantageous development, considering all the recent economic changes, in general, and the maritime, offshore and energy market, specifically. Concerning traditional business, Marinoffs believes that the approach has to change in order to better comply with the current market demands and provide a total concept or solution. 

Maritime, offshore and energy projects becoming larger and more complex, whilst margins are getting increasingly smaller, the need for a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution requires an increasingly more suitable solution to reach the ultimate goal for execution and completion. A single point of contact for all activities when contemplating the project makes for better control of the process and creates a better and more transparent report to the customer. This adopted business model enables the customer to deal with just one contractor and the management of all difficult interfaces will be remedied. Potentially, this safeguards a more efficient progress of the envisaged works and eliminates the risk of deficiencies caused by all kinds of interface issues and fits better to one product. 

By example, in the event a vessel is approaching which needs repair, whether planned or not, Marinoffs is the reliable partner to take care of it in any harbour in Europe. The right experts from various disciplines are mobilised to execute the envisaged work(s). Coordination and appointments are made without needlessly bothering, or requiring, the intervention of the client. Marinoffs provides the ability to answer any questions a client has as well as discuss the best possibilities to get the job done in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Quality assurance

Due to Marinoffs’ network and experience of their partners with activities in the fields of Gears, Propulsion, Engines, Construction, Engineering and Machinery, quality is a major vision of business value. Moreover, the Marinoffs companies pro-actively work together with their partners on Innovations and Customised Solutions, creating the best synergy to obtain the best solutions for any challenge. All companies within the Marinoffs Group are well respected for their extensive experience and services and are well known in the market. They work under their own respective brand names and have their own P/L as well as report to the group management. It is this combination of these expert companies which makes the concept of Marinoffs strong and prosperous. A new organisation and management is in control, and closely involved in all activities. However, it is the craftsmanship within every single unit that makes it possible to run it this way.  

Due to the variety of specialist Companies under the Marinoffs management, the best synergy for conducting any solution and execution of work(s) in the most efficient manner is assured.

Marinoffs has translated the EPC workflow into the “ONE-STOP-SHOP” philosophy. This means it is capable of accepting Turn Key orders and capable to run them by one or more own divisions of the Marinoffs Group. The EPC “Engineering-Production-Commissioning” workflow comprises Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Assembly, Commissioning and Delivery. A specific project organisation is running under the Marinoffs Group in order to manage the project under EPC/One-Stop-Shop principles, accomplished with project support services such as planning, work preparation and quality control.